Artist's Statement


I have been exposed to different ways

and using a variety of mediums to express

my ideas. I kept my interests open to new

mediums: from 2-D mediums of drawing,

painting and printmaking, to 3-D mediums

of clay modeling, ceramics, mold making,

casting, papier-mache, fiber and assemblage.

I feel that one artist cannot be confined in

one or few particular mediums that he or she

feels too comfortable. By combining all I

have learned, I was able to create my own

large-scaled assemblages -- installations.

Based on my personal mythology,

there once existed a creature, Androgyny,

who took the form of both sexes. As time

went by, it lost some of its ownphysical

identities and split into two separated sexes,

as we are now. Somehow the soul within

ourselves still holds the personality of both sexes.

Through the presentation of my installations,

I am continuing my investigation of my

personal myth and creating a world of my own.